The ‘Pro Red’ Scheme – sign up here!

‘Pro Red’ is designed to connect Swindon Town with youth football clubs and schools in Swindon and the surrounding areas by offering reduced price tickets to local families. Any youth club or school in the area can affiliate with a number of benefits on offer.

It’s quick and easy to sign-up for reduced price Swindon Town tickets:

  1. Read this page (there are some Q&A points at the bottom)
  2. Complete the application form shown below, and choose the youth football club or school that you want to benefit from your family affiliation.
  3. Wait for a confirmation email from Swindon Town, confirming your completed application.
  4. Purchase your reduced price tickets online or at the club ticket office, and help your club or school earn some extra benefits.

The scheme is unique, and focuses on building a long-term relationship with what is the only professional football club in Wiltshire.

Pro-Red Ticket Prices

Adult Tickets are reduced to just £15 (normally £25)

Senior Citizens & Young Adult Tickets £10 (normally £19)

Under 18’s £5 (normally £8)

Under 11 Junior Tickets remain at £2.

Cashback for Schools and Youth Football Clubs
When you apply for Pro-Red membership, we ask you for details of your associated School or Youth Team (one or the other, not both). Over the course of a season:

  • If your School or Youth Team has at least 50 participants attend matches, then 5% of the ticket sale price will be passed back by Swindon Town to the participating School or Team.
  • If your School or Youth Team has 100+ Participants attend matches, then 10% of the ticket sale price will be passed back by Swindon Town to the participating School or Team.

    Please select either a School name or a Youth Football Team name in the box shown below, these will be the beneficiaries of any cashback generated by ALL of your family members.

    Other Benefits for Schools and Clubs

    • Assigned a Player Ambassador
    • 100+ ticket sales receives a signed Swindon Town home shirt
    • Opportunity to play on the pitch at half-time
    • Parade your whole club or school party around the pitch in their school or team kit (pre-match)
    • Opportunity to form a Guard of Honour
    • Mention in matchday magazine
    • After Match Q&A with an STFC player

    How to take advantage of the scheme
    Families of up to 2 Adults and 3 Juniors can take advantage of the scheme, please enter the lead adult name in the form below, along with any associated children in your family. Applying for the Pro-Red Scheme puts your details into the club database, and also registers applicants as TrustSTFC Associate Members (at which point you will receive our Monthly newsletters).

    Once you have entered your details, you will get an email confirming the registration is complete, along with further details of how to get tickets.

    * indicates required field

    If you still have questions about the Pro Red scheme, then please contact Jason McGinley on 0844 499 3600

    Swindon Town Football Club – Pro Red terms & conditions

    1. All tickets are subject to availability.
    2. Tickets are limited to 2000 pro red tickets per match. (Swindon Town have the right to increase/decrease this limit as and when it sees necessary)
    3. Tickets purchased are for Swindon Town FC 2016/17 home league fixtures only.
    4. Tickets must be purchased no later than 12 o’clock mid-day for a Saturday 3pm game or 5pm on the day of an evening game.
    5. A maximum of 5 tickets per person can be booked per game.
    7. Group ticket deals cannot be used in conjunction with any other ticket promotion that the club may run from time to time.
    8. Every attendee from any of the participating clubs or schools must log on and sign up at
    9. Once you have signed up Swindon Town FC will email you your supporter reference number. Once you have this you can then book tickets. This may take up to 4 working days to come through.
    10. By signing up to the Pro Red Scheme you will become a Trust associate member.
    11. Every attendee of a participating club or schools must be affiliated to the participating club or school through a current player or pupil.
    i.e. as a parent, guardian or relative.
    12. Each person signed up will be verified by the affiliate club/school. If the club/school does not recognise the person signed up they will not able to purchase tickets.
    13. The affiliation scheme requires each participating club and school to nominate one person as their prime point of contact.
    14. Money back scheme. 50 participants – 5% of ticket sales back to participating club. 100+ Participants – 10% of ticket sales back to participating club 
    15. Monies owed back to each club/school will be paid at the start of the following season, this will be paid to the club/school organisation (not to a specific age group).
    16. Should a club/school cease to exist monies owed shall be given to Swindon Town Football in the Community for their charity projects.
    17. The affiliation agreement will end in May 2017 (the close of the season).
    18. The Club Day which is being made available to affiliated clubs and schools will be subject to availability and will be secured on a first-come first-served basis. The Club Day will only apply to the 2016/17 Swindon Town FC home fixtures.
    19. Player Ambassadors will be appointed on application, based on the success of the scheme; there maybe dual representation.
    20. Player Ambassadors will be committed to a minimum of one appearance during the term of the affiliation agreement, providing the required venue for such appearances is within a reasonable geographic reach of Swindon Town Football Club. A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required when submitting a player appearance request.
    21. Swindon Town FC reserve the right to terminate the affiliation scheme if it has reason to believe the participating club or school is in breach of any of the stated Terms & Conditions.
    22. Tickets will be available in the Don Rogers, Nationwide Stand and the North Stand.

    Questions and Answers

    What exactly is Pro Red & what are the aims of the scheme?

    Pro red is a scheme designed to connect the local professional Football Club with all Schools and Youth Football Clubs in the region. The aspiration is to attract families and the next generation of Football Fan through the turnstiles at a reduced ticket cost. Football has to be affordable for it to be attractive as a leisure pursuit. The scheme also rewards the Schools and Clubs for those that sign up with cashback 50+ tickets 5% & 100+ tickets 10%. It also encourages people to keep supporting the scheme with rewards like play on the pitch and meet the players once 100 tickets are sold.

    As a School/Club do we have to commit to 50 or 100 tickets at one specific game or a number of selected fixtures for the cashback and benefits to apply?

    The scheme is designed for cash back to be accrued across the season! Once the individuals from your School or Club register, they will start to accrue and earn cash back for each and every game they attend. The more people that register and sign up to the scheme, the more cash back you will naturally accrue. Once 50+ tickets have been purchased 5% will be returned, as soon as you hit the total of 100 tickets then 10% will be returned in the form of cashback.

    100+ Tickets will need to be reached for the following benefits to apply:-

    • Player Ambassador
    • Signed STFC Home Shirt
    • Club or School Day – Play on the Pitch & Meet the Players Activation

    When will we receive our cashback?
    Cashback will be calculated at the end of the 2016/17 season and will be presented to a School or Club Official at the start of the 2017/18 Season. A cheque will be presented pitch side here at The County Ground before a Home League Fixture.

    Will the Cash back accrued be allocated on request to specific age group or class within a Club/or School if they support the Pro Red Initiative?
    No, the cashback accrued over the course of the season will be presented to a Club Official or School Official (Officials to be appointed at the start of the season). It will be down to the Club or School and their committees as to how the funds are distributed/used.

    Once we have sold 100 tickets – How does the match day activity work, can all age groups participate?
    Our Football in the Community Trust manage all of our pitch activity, they will be in touch to manage expectation and to supply details on what can be achieved on the day – A match day itinerary will be provided. A representative from the Football in the Community Trust will be responsible for your group on the day and will manage the activity.

    Will we get to choose our Player Ambassador?
    We will take all requests into consideration, dependant on the success of the scheme we will have to manage requests accordingly using a common sense approach. A player will be selected and communicated to you as soon as it is possible to do so and once you have reached your 100 ticket milestone.

    When will the STFC Signed Shirt be presented?
    On your Club or School Day at the selected STFC Home League Fixture (in the 2016/17 Season). Normally presented by a 1st Team Player post-match.

    How do I sign up to the Pro Red Scheme?
    Log onto, enter your details and select what team/school you are affiliated to.

    What happens next?
    You will receive an email from Swindon Town FC with your client reference number explaining how to purchase your pro red tickets. Please allow up to 4 days for your details to be registered.

    Where can I purchase tickets?
    Online at or at the Swindon Town FC Club Shop.

    What is the latest I can get tickets for a game?
    Tickets must be purchased no later than 12 o’clock mid-day for a Saturday 3pm game or 5pm on the day of an evening game.