Trust Family Day

It was a crazy couple of weeks building up to the Trust Family Day

on Saturday 29th November 2014.

We learned a lot of lessons along the way, but thankfully the event was a big success, with almost 3,500 primary school family members watching the match versus Fleetwood.

In truth we needed a slightly better ‘run-up’, as preparation time was tight.

Swindon Fleetwood 141129

We had originally agreed with the club somewhere in the region of 800-1,200 free tickets, but once the numbers started rolling in, we had to have some urgent further discussions as it would have been a real shame to have kids sat at home on the day.

It would have been easy for the club to reject our request, but Steve Anderson (general manager of Swindon Town) sat down with us and had a really proactive mindset.

We all agreed “let’s find a way to make this work”.

Swindon Fleetwood 141129


It was brilliant to see the Stratton Bank and indeed the Don Rogers Stand both full again with home support.

Many of us have grown up and witnessed some classics from ‘up on the bank’ and during the preparation for the day it was good to go up there and take in that view.

Stratton Bank has some complications, though, and only through the support of club sponsors was it able to go ahead.

Fast Plant donated toilet facilities, C&D Recruitment donated stewards, and Imagine Cruising agreed to forgo their large inflatable shirt in support of our community initiative.

Thank you all.

Swindon Fleetwood 141129


It was great to see the gate boosted to 10,506 as the longer term plans of the Trust include helping the club to take our attendance regularly past 10,000 and then eventually onto filling the ground every week.

Anyone present would have noticed the increased numbers add to the feel that you are at a big event, so we need to keep working together and encouraging people to come to games.

Swindon Fleetwood 141129


We made a video about the day that shows some of the work behind the scenes and also how some of the families enjoyed themselves.

If you have a spare 20 minutes, please click the button below and watch!

Your Club, Your Trust.